Joe Resume, Information Technology Expert

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Exploring opportunities to contribute IT expertise towards consulting/contracting with organizations in evaluating, defining, and addressing their technology needs, with the objective of designing and developing proactive technology-driven solutions to drive efficiency, productivity, quality, and profit levels to optimal performance.




         Appointed to drive critical project migrating MS Access Data Warehouse to SQL 2000, including DTS package design and deployment.

         Significantly enhanced and successfully maintained a database management system comprised of MS Access Data Warehouse and MS Access Interface with switchboard and forms/reports/macros vital to facilitating access of 200+ team members.

         Collaborated with COGNOS Consultants in designing and developing Power Play Cubes and Reports, and subsequently spearheaded the design of a monthly process to run, maintain, and modify Power Play Cube and Reports to effectively address static numbers reporting needs.

         Project managed COGNOS Development Team initiatives, utilizing Decision Stream, Power Play Report/Transformer, Impromptu Report, Upfront, Visualizer, and Access Manager to effectively meet project timelines and objectives.

         Created, developed and programmed numerous stand-alone databases utilizing MS Access Backend for data and MS Access Application for front end user interface for multiple facility sections

         Demonstrated strong leadership skills and technology expertise in developing/delivering MS Access Database Queries, Forms and Reports training materials for 400+ civilians, soldiers and reservists.

         Proficiently applied vast MS Access 97 and 2000 skills towards designing databases, building queries, developing forms, creating reports, and designing macros.

         Strategically extracted/cleansed data from multiple data sources including SQL, FoxPro dbf., Excel Spreadsheets, CSV Files, and MS Access Databases through application of refined decision stream modification and design techniques.

         Entrusted with directing the design and modification of Impromptu Catalogs, Reports and Web Reports, with accountability for troubleshooting, defining, and addressing problems to ensure integrity and reliability of reporting systems.

         Decisively led Upfront, Access Manager and Visualizer projects development.


DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE/DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY                                          1998-2003

Project Manager (2002-2003)

Information Technology Specialist, GS 11 (2000-2002)

Computer Specialist, GS 09 (1998-2000) 

         Successfully built a progressive career with the United States Army Reserve as a key team player in developing, integrating and supporting technology-driven solutions.

         Project managed critical technology projects from conceptualization, development and integration to testing, quality assurance and ongoing administration and support, including a major COGNOS development project.

         Developed and conducted classroom instruction in MS Access.

         Eagerly assumed additional responsibilities in promoting to IT Specialist, with Level 2 Help Desk accountability for Network Operation Center technical support of HP Network Printers, HP Scanners and Xerox Copiers.

         Applied expertise in MS Access towards developing reports, queries, macros and forms.

         Spearheaded database management and maintenance administration using SQL, FoxPro, Excel and MS Access data structures.



ENTREPRENEUR                                                                                                          1984-1998

Electronics Technician

         Successfully launched an electronics repair company specializing in servicing computer, television, VCR and audio equipment.

         Demonstrated sharp analytical and problem solving skills in troubleshooting, repairing, and testing wide range of electronic equipment for diverse client base.

         Effectively communicated with clients to build sales performance and maximize customer satisfaction.


Prior Experience


Recruiter/Civilian, US ARMY RESERVE, 1977-1984                                                                                




ALTO Consulting:           MS Access Developers Course, MS Visual Basic 6 Developers Course,

                                    MS SQL 7 Developers Course, MS SQL 2000 Developers Course


COGNOS:                     Impromptu Reports and Administration, Power Play Reports/Administration,

                                    Power Play Transformer Cube Administration, Decision Stream Administration